Clos Pegase Winery

"The Henry Moore sculpture in the Grand Portico Entrance depicts Gaia, and no survey of the characters inhabiting and inspiring this temple to art and wine could ever be complete without tribute to her. It is no wonder that she is the first greeter of our visitors, for she is our ground, our center, our essence, our raison d’etre! In Greek mythology Gaia, which is simply the poetic form of the word for "earth" or "land" was one of the first beings spontaneously born from nothing. Gaia, momma earth, gave birth parthenogenically (born of a virgin-parthenon is Greek for virgin) to father sky, Ouranos (Roman Uranus) and the two of them mated and became the parents of Chronos (Roman Saturnus) and Rhea. Chronos and Rhea were the parents of Zeus and his siblings. She is the ultimate source of all the living and to her great homage is due."

My favorite California wine….’-)